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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Japanese Fashion Trends for Winter 2010/2011

What are the Japanese Fashion Trends for Winter 2010/2011?

Girly fashion is still very popular this Winter with brands like Alba Rosa and items like mouton coat, fur coat, and lace one-piece. Animal prints are a must have along with the colour of the season camel. Japanese girls love to mix foreign brands with Japanese brands to create their own look and style. Japanese brands that exemplify the cute look are Dazzlin, Mercury Duo and Cecil McBee.
Mouton Coat
Lace One-Piece

The Grunge Rock style is also very popular now with items like chunky sweaters, combat boots, leather jackets, and ripped leggings a huge trend this Winter. Leather is key and it comes in everything from black shifts to cropped leather jackets. Boots remain the statement shoe of the season with various styles dominating the runways and footpaths. The best stores for these clothes are Topshop, Sly and Moussy.

Japanese Fashion

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