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Friday, March 4, 2011

Japanese Tea

Common Japanese teas include

Sencha – Green Tea most commonly drunk at home. Make tea with water slightly below boiling, 80-90 C to reduce bitterness.

Matcha – Powdered green tea, drunk at special occasions. It is very bitter, so traditional served with a small Japanese sweet.

Hojicha – Roasted Bancha green tea. This tea has a roasted rice aroma and contains less caffeine compared to other green teas.

Mugicha – Roasted barley tea. It is drunk cold as a summer drink.

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  1. If I may, I'd like to append genmaicha (green tea with grains of roasted brown rice in it) to your list of common teas. : j

  2. I'm OK with sweets with my matcha but not sweat! LOL

    I love, love, love tea. Going to stock up when/if we made it to Japan again this year. :)

  3. Thanks Alesa, That is a good one to add to my list. Do you have a favourite green tea?

    Thanks for the tip Lina, I don't know if I would want sweat with my matcha, either.

  4. Hi! I heard that Japanese people from Shizuoka area, which is known for tea farms, love to drink sweet matcha drink.

    I like matcha au lait, but I don't like sweet one. I just make normal matcha tea and thin it with two volumes of milk. It's summer, so I put some ice cubes to the drink to cool it down before I drink it. It makes rather nice, and not so bitter, summer time drink.

  5. Yes, Shizuoka is very famous for their teas. I like the sound of your summer time drink :)


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