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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meat Monster in Japan

The Meat Monster has hit Japan. The Burger King franchise has just released its Meat Monster hamburger in Japan. The 4900kj hamburger costs about $10 and contains two beef patties, a chicken fillet, three bacon rashers, two slices of cheese and more, served on two white buns. Don't worry, it does contain some salad coming with lettuce and tomatoes and onions to balance it out.

The Meat Monster has been created just for Japan and will be available Only in Japan.

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  1. That is one monster of a burger! Those visiting Japan should try them since it's only available in Japan.

    Me - I settle for ebi burger pver at McD. XD

  2. Thanks Lina, The ebi burger at McD is a classic and has stood the test of time. Most new burgers are only for a limited time, so get in and try the Meat Monster while it is still available. It is probably something you should try at least once to say you have done it.

  3. It looks good in the picture, but I wonder if it looks that appetizing in real life. I ate a Triple Whopper recently and I must admit that I didn't feel that great digesting it.

  4. Thanks Wasaweb, that's the thing with these burgers with high calories, you never feel great after eating them, but I figure I've got to try everything at least once.

  5. @Japan Australia,
    The problem with the burgers in Japan for me is, they're most likely a combo of beef and pork. I'm a bit lenient about taking beef, but I do not take pork at all. :(

  6. That is true as most of the patties are made with a combo of beef and pork. It makes it hard if you don't eat either of those. Luckily they do have quite a good range.


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