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Friday, April 22, 2011

Picture of the Week Cherry Blossoms in Gifu, Japan

The cherry blossom or sakura is the unofficial national flower of Japan. There are many dozens of different cherry tree varieties in Japan with most blooming for just a few days in Spring. The Japanese celebrate that time of year with hanami (cherry blossom viewing) parties under the blooming trees. These celebrations usually involve a lot of eating and drinking. Hanami parties take place during the day or at night. Many places have paper lanterns hung on the trees and street vendors selling all sorts of great festival food including yakisoba, takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

These pictures were taken at Kagamigahara Shiminkoen in Gifu, Japan

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This is my entry for this weeks Show me Japan


  1. Beautiful pics! I know some peeps who went to college up that way!

  2. Thanks Chris,

    It is a great area with lots of places to see the cherry blossoms. Where did your friends go to school?

  3. Sakura and street food. Always good. :)

  4. Thanks Lina, It is a great combo and I love being able to try all the different street food.

  5. As Lina said - food and sakura, always a winning combination! Thank you for joining Show Me Japan this week - and thank you for making the sakura season just a little bit longer... Today definitely needed some brightening up! (Rain, rain, rain!) Have great weekend!

  6. Yeah, nice pics. Gifu is a place I'd like to be able to spend a bit more time in. I should say it is one of many. Kyushu is just too far away.

  7. Thanks Lisa, we need a bit more Spring in our lives and I only wish it could last longer.

    Thanks Kyushudan, Gifu has a lot to offer and I recommend you check it out if ever in the area.

  8. I miss them! The last time I was there at Sakura season was 5 years ago. I will go back home July this year! Can not wait!

  9. Thanks Yuri, I love Spring in Japan, it is my favourite season with Autumn. I bet you are looking forward to going back home in July!!


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