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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easy to Cook Japanese Recipe Okonomiyaki (Savoury Japanese Pancake)

Okonomiyaki is a popular dish from Osaka and is basically a savoury pancake with ingredients of your choice along with egg, flour and cabbage as the basic ingredients.

Makes 1

Okonomi-yaki Sauce
• 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
• 2 tbsp tomato sauce
• 1 tbsp soy sauce
• 1 tsp caster sugar

• 50g self raising flour
• ¼ cup milk
• ¼ cup dashi
• a pinch of salt
• 1 egg
• 1 spring onion, chopped
• 1 cup thinly chopped cabbage
• 2 king prawns and/or thinly sliced pork

Toppings (if desired)
• aonori (green-seaweed) flakes
• dried bonito flakes
• Japanese mayonnaise


1. To make Okonomi-yaki Sauce, mix ingredients together in bowl.
2. Place flour, milk, dashi and salt in a bowl and lightly stir.
3. Break an egg into the mixture and stir to combine.
4. Add spring onion and cabbage and mix.
5. Heat a frying pan over a medium heat and swirl some oil over base.
6. Drop the egg mixture into the pan. Top with king prawns and/or pork.
7. Cook until bubbles appear on the surface. Turn over and cook for about 4-5 minutes until cooked through.
8. Brush the top with okonomi-yaki sauce, and if desired sprinkle with aonori and bonito flakes.
9. Serve with Japanese mayonnaise.

• You can buy already prepared okonomi-yaki sauce at most Asian Supermarkets.
• Other kinds of seafood and meat can be added to this dish and cheese is also a great addition.

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  1. My favorite dish! ^^ thanks for sharing!

  2. I like Okonomiyaki :) Thank you for the recipe.

  3. I've yet made my own okonomiyaki. Must try it someday. :)

  4. Yeah - an easy recipe for a fantastic dish. I'm going to try this next weekend :-)

  5. Thanks Mika-chan, it is an easy dish and very tasty. One of my favourites as well.

    Thanks Muza-chan, hope you give it a try. It is pretty easy and the only difficulty I had initially was flipping it over. It is a skill required over time.

    Thanks Lina, you should give it a try as well. You can add any meat you like to it including seafood.

    Thanks Ms Chef, it is real easy so you should give it a go.


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