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Friday, July 1, 2011

Japan’s Sense Roid Replicates Human Hug

Japanese inventors have pushed the boundaries of technology again with the ultimate companion for lonely singles, a wired torso-shaped device that you can hug and it will hug you back.

Called the Sense-Roid, it looks like a tailor’s mannequin with silicone skin and is packed with pressure sensors. It is connected to the jacket worn by the user and replicates the feeling of an embrace with the help of air compressors.

The illusion of a mutual hug is enhanced by artificial muscles and vibrating devices in the jacket. According to reports many people initially feel surprised and uncomfortable about the unusual experience, but gradually get accustomed to it.

Watch the video below for the unique Sense Roid

Once again, I can just say Only in Japan

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  1. I just hope that the day I'd need this instead of a hug from a human will never come. o.O
    Yeah, only in Japan.

  2. hmmm do people really need this? :P echhiii desu neh~ eiiyaaaa~ looks too odd for me >.<

  3. You're right, Only in Japan :)

  4. Thanks Lina, yes that would be sad. I read somewhere that they are thinking about using it in nursing homes where the elderly residents don't have any family or people to hug.

    Thanks aMz88 & Muza-chan, it is very odd but I think they invented it to try and help rather than as a toy.

  5. truthfully, I rather hug a pet - a dog or a cat than this. @.@

  6. Wow this is quite scary actually. There's nothing better than a real human hug!

  7. Thanks Lina, pets are great but unfortunately they can't hug you back.

    Thanks Daphne, it is way out-there and I agree that there is nothing better than human contact, but unfortunately there are many people out there who do not have this basic necessity.


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