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Friday, July 15, 2011


Japan has long been known as the home of Karaoke, the most popular form of entertainment for young Japanese, but move over Karaoke as there is a brand new party craze for 2011 called Movie-oke.

Recently launched in the video game, Yoostar 2: In the Movies, the game allows you to insert yourself into famous movies scenes courtesy of sensor technology. It allows you to “act” opposite or in place of, your favourite actors. The game includes scenes from more than 50 films including classics like The Godfather and Apollo 13 to The Blues Brothers and The Karate Kid. It is available now for Kinect for Xbox 360 and Playstation Eye for PS3.

Image from The Karate Kid Part II (Columbia Picture Corporation)

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  1. Whatever will they come up with next? ;p

  2. Thanks Lina, it does look like a load of fun and would be great at parties!!

  3. Haha, how have I not heard of this before??!(◎_◎;)
    I love the idea, sounds like something that could be a lot of fun with the right friends and the right film! o(^▽^)o
    If they bad it set up at karaoke places I reckon it'd be an even bigger hit since most people don't have so much room here...

  4. The perfect vicarious existence...living the life of the couch potato. Both real and virtual.

    Having said that... I'm just down coz I don't have a console (since the original XBOX and PlayStation). *sigh*

  5. Thanks Ri, It would be a blast with some good friends.

    Thanks Ben, that's the way the world he heading my friend. Young kids these days have no need to leave the house with all the high-tech gadgets they have at home.


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