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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Virtual Dinner in Tokyo’s A.R.T Gallery

Australian artist SHAN is hosting a virtual dinner party in Tokyo’s A.R.T Gallery, with the aim of exploring possibilities for Japan’s future in light of the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami. Twenty Japanese guests will sit down to a three-course dinner prepared by Maggie Beer as we look on through a live internet feed. Though we won’t be able to taste the food at the party, we can join in on the conversation; a live Twitter feed will allow participants to ask the guests questions. The guests will range from Governor Ishihara, the Governor of Tokyo to Ms. Rio, a night club dancer. You can view the full Guest List at the link below.

The live event will take place on Sunday July 17th at 6pm AET, at shan.net.au

Image from shan.net.au

Other ways you can help the disaster relief effort in Japan


  1. Interesting concept.

    And a nice mix of guests too.

  2. Thanks Lina & Daphne, it is a fun concept and a bit out there but did you see the range of guests on the guest list. It should be fun and for a real good cause.

  3. Interesting initiative, especially with the varied guestlist! o.O;

  4. Thanks Ri, yes it is a very interesting initiative and I have never heard of anything like it before. Loved the guest list with so many different interesting people.


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