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Monday, August 8, 2011

Nissan Leaf

Have you heard about the Nissan Leaf? The Nissan Leaf is Nissan’s electric car and was unveiled on August 2, 2009. The Leaf went on sale in Japan and the US in late 2010 and will make its debut across global markets from 2012. The great thing about the Leaf is it does not emit any CO2 when driven and doesn’t even have a tail pipe.

The Leaf also comes in handy in other areas. The electric car can also feed power from its battery back into a family home and run appliances for up to 2 days. Using the “Leaf to Home” system, the lithium-ion batteries of the car’s zero exhaust emission can be used as an emergency power backup. Great for any emergencies that pop up and that sudden loss of power. The system works by linking the car to the house’s electricity distribution panel. Power can also be fed the other way if the house generates its own electricity with rooftop solar. The Leaf batteries have a capacity of 24 kilowatt hours when fully charged, enough for two days for the average household.

Amazing stuff and Only in Japan

Read more about the Nissan Leaf at the Nissan Website

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  1. This looks fantastic. Is it mainly for city dwellers or would it be OK if you have to drive long distances?

  2. Thanks Jenny, they are now more practical than the originals that came out and look like than can do a bit more than the city driving.

    Thanks Lina, they are out in Japan but should be launched globally shortly. Not sure on price for most markets, but stay tuned.


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