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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tsukimi Burger

September in Japan usually brings with it Autumn or Aki (秋) with cooler weather, beautiful fall leaves and Autumn food and drinks. One of my favourite Autumn foods in Japan during this time is the Tsukimi burger. When this starts appearing on The McDonald's menu I know for sure that Autumn has arrived in Japan. The burger is only available for a limited time during the Autumn and is currently on the menu again.

The Tsukimi Burger (月見バーガー) or moon watching burger is so called because the egg in the burger resembles the Autumn full moon. The egg yolk represents the full moon and the egg white the white sky. Moon watching or (月見) is a popular Autumn past time in Japan. The burger contains a poached egg, a beef patty, bacon and a special sauce.

Check out a picture of the burger below

Here is a YouTube Video of the famous Tsukimi Burger


  1. Thanks Lina, you can probably tell that I'm excited and look forward to this every year :)

  2. Mmmm... I miss the Tsukimi Burger!

  3. Thanks Reesan, It is one of my favourites and a must have in Autumn :)


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