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Friday, November 11, 2011

Pocky Day 2011

November 11th (11-11) is Pocky Day. The event is held on November 11th as the date (11-11) resembles four sticks of Pocky. Some of you are asking what is Pocky. Pocky is a Japanese biscuit stick usually coated in chocolate. There are many different flavours of Pocky in Japan including almond, strawberry, milk, chocolate mousse, green tea, honey and banana. You can read more about Pocky here

What happens on Pocky Day?

You are supposed to eat lots of Pocky on this day. I have already lined up several different types of Pocky including a few brand new ones to celebrate.

Here is a sample of what is on the menu for Japan Australia’s Pocky Day

Original Chocolate Pocky

Pocky Chocolate on Chocolate Purarine

Pocky Chocolate on Chocolate Mild

Pocky Chocolate Crush


  1. Where's my Pocky? Aren't you sending one to me? xD

  2. Thanks Lina, Pocky is so good unfortunately, there was none left after the family got through it all. There is always next year. How did you celebrate Pocky Day?

  3. OMG I looove Pocky!! Once I won a giant pocky box at school <3


  4. No Pocky for me on Pocky Day! I'll make it up once we get to Japan! LOL

  5. i didnt know it was also Pocky Day :D i thought pepero day only. anyway pepero im not so familiar i just heard abt it last week only :P but on 11.11.11 i bought 2 pocky boxs ^^ tsubasa flakes and banana<3

  6. Thanks Stacee, Pocky is so good! That sounds like an amazing prize to win :)

    Thanks Lina, I'm sure you will get your fill of Pocky when you get to Japan and there will be lots of new flavours for you to try as well :)

    Thanks aMz88, Pocky is good any time of the year! Let's us know how those Pocky flavours are for you :)

  7. I like the plain flavor. Some of the other kinds don't do it for me.

    I saw the commercial for this, but I forgot all about it.

  8. Thanks Sixmats, The plain flavour is still the best for me as well, but the new Pocky Chocolate Custard Orange is worth a try and comes a close second :)

    Thanks Maria, Pocky is so good and should be celebrated all year round :)


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