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Monday, December 12, 2011

Japanese Song of the Week Love me Back by Koda Kumi

This week’s Japanese Song of the Week is Love me Back by Koda Kumi, which has debuted at number 6 on the Japanese J-Pop Oricon charts.

Koda Kumi (倖田 來未) is a Japanese singer and songwriter from Kyoto known for her sexy image and urban and R&B songs. She has been called the Christina Aquilera of Japan. You can read more about Koda Kumi here.

This song is short, upbeat and very sexy, which is typical of Kumi Koda.

The Official Website for Koda Kumi 

Watch the music video for the single Love me Back by Koda Kumi


  1. Just watched her performance on TV. It was awesome. After saccharine sweetness of girl bands and whatnot, watching her is quite refreshing for me. xD

  2. Thanks Lina, she is an amazing performer and agree that she is a breath of fresh air. I like all the girl groups and idols in Japan, but Koda Kumi is very different and I like her urban and R&B vibe :)

  3. Nice blog! I like the template and a lot of other things!
    Take a look and maybe follow? Nikt Ważny ♥
    love, Poppy :D

  4. It's cool music and performance! I heard today that she have married recently :)

  5. I like how that guy is justed posted up behind Kumi and the girls while they dance. It looks so awkward sometimes Lol
    I miss the 'Real Emotion' era Koda Kumi actually, but she's still a beautiful girl<3

  6. Thanks Poppy, Glad you like the blog and I really like yours. Cool feel to it :)

    Thanks Yutaka, she is an amazing performer and I just heard as well yesterday that she is getting married :)

    Thanks Alyse, it is a cool video. I like 'Real Emotion" era Koda Kumi, too. It is when she started to become popular :)


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