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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hello Kitty Donuts at Mister Donut

Mister Donut is a popular donut chain in Japan that is famous for their Pon de ring donut line. Mister Donut is often called Misudo (ミスド) for short in Japanese, and is popular from young to old.

This month (April) they released some Hello Kitty donuts, which are just so cute and pretty tasty to boot. The packaging is typical Japan and is very simple and effective. The donuts fit inside a package with Hello Kitty eyes, whiskers and outline. You can see the donut inside and the pink white chocolate ribbon.

The donuts I tried where the French Style Orange Cream, the Green Apple Old Fashioned, the Pon-De Strawberry, Green Apple Whipped Cream Center and the Strawberry Cupcake Pop. All the donuts come with the cute pink chocolate bow (trade mark of Hello Kitty).

French Style Orange Cream (157 yen about USD$1.60) 

The French Style donut has long been a favourite of mine for its light and fluffy texture. This one has a white chocolate coating and is filled with orange cream. The orange cream filling is very strong and I couldn’t eat too many of these. The pink ribbon white chocolate is very nice and super sweet.

Green Apple Old Fashioned (157 yen about USD$1.60)

Not as strong as the orange cream above and really does taste and smell of green apples. This one is topped with a green apple chocolate coating, An unusual flavour for Mister Donut, but very nice at the same time.

Pon De Strawberry (157 yen about USD$1.60) 

The Pon De is one of the most popular donuts at Mister Donut and this one has a nice chewy texture that reminds me of Japanese mochi. It has a strawberry chocolate coating with pieces of dried strawberry, and strawberry cream filling. The strawberry cream filling is nice and is not too over-powering.

Green Apple Whipped Cream Center (157 yen about USD$1.60) 

A simple one that is very tasty with a white chocolate coating and filled with green apple whipped cream. It has the same taste and smell of the Green Apple Old Fashioned above.

Strawberry Cupcake Pop (136 yen about USD$1.38) 

This is an unusual one for Mister Donuts and their first foray into the Cupcake Pop market. It is also very good and just like a cupcake only on a stick. We tried the strawberry chocolate coating one and it also comes in orange and green apple flavours.

The series is only available for April, so will soon finish. Hurry up while you still have the chance!

Mister Donut Japan Website


  1. My first reaction was to groan (you know about my love/hate relationship with Hello Kitty!), but on second thoughts, darn, they *are* cute. I'd like to try the cupcakes rather than the doughnuts. Never been a doughnut fan, but cupcakes, now that's a different story! :)

    1. Thanks Ru, They are really cute and tasty as well. The Cupcake Pop was good and comes in the three different flavours. You got to be quick if you want to give it a try as will end very soon.

  2. I want both!

    But then again, they look to cute to be eaten!

    1. Thanks Lina, Too cute to eat, but sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do and they are really good. So many to try as well :)

  3. They still had them this week when I checked, so maybe they'll be available throughout May as well! :)
    I've only tried two of them, but they were quite nice! ^___^

    1. Thanks ZJ, That's good! I think they must have been pretty popular, so makes sense to have them available a little longer. I tried all of them and liked the Pon De Strawberry the best :)


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