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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

KFC Corn Potage Fritter

KFC Japan has just released a new item to its menu, the Corn Potage Fritter. It went on sale on September 5th across the country. Corn Potage is a very popular soup in Japan that is thick and creamy. It is served at most restaurants and cafes and can even be found in vending machines during the colder months. Corn Potage also seems to be a flavour of the moment here in Japan and can be found in everything from snacks to ice-cream. KFC has taken this Japanese favourite one step further by serving it deep-fried. Yes, that’s right deep-fried! The Corn Potage Fritter is crispy on the outside while soft and creamy on the inside.

How do KFC do it? 

It is pretty simple really. They take a bit of corn potage, batter it, and then deep fry.

The Corn Potage Fritter is only available for a limited time and is priced at 150 yen (USD$1.50) a piece.

If you happen to be in Japan and want to try something a little different, hurry in while it’s still on the menu. Japan Australia did just that and put it to the taste test.

How does it Taste? 

It is kind of like eating deep-fried soup! The outside is really crunchy and crispy while the inside had tasty corn potage with a strong flavour and lots of corn kernels.

KFC Corn Potage Fritter

KFC Corn Potage Fritter out of the bag

A look inside the KFC Corn Potage Fritter

The Corn Potage Fritter was inspire by the Potato Bacon Fritter which was apparently one of the Colonel's favourites, and featured in his autobiography. A new modern version of a classic traditional recipe.

KFC Japan Website

KFC Corn Potage Fritter


  1. That looks amazing. Fried soup. Genius.

    I'm tempted to go get some instant soup packets and mix it into some mashed potatoes and make a croquet version...

    1. Thanks Benjamin, It was pretty good! I think your croquet version would be a big hit as well. Let me know if you ever make it :)


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