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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Silver Week in Japan

Autumn in Japan
Silver Week is a new term used in Japan to describe a string of consecutive national holidays that occur in September.

Silver Week or (シルバーウィーク) in Japanese is called 'Silver Week' because it is a close second to that other famous collection of national holidays in late April and early May which is called ‘Golden Week’. Silver is also a commonly used word that is used to describe the older generation in Japan. Respect for the Aged Day is one of the national holidays that falls in the Silver Week period, so it can be said to have a double meaning.

The three national holidays that make up the five-day break of Silver Week are:
  • Respect for the Aged Day (Keiro no Hi) – third Monday of September 
  • Autumn Equinox Day (Shubun no Hi) – usually around September 23 
  • Citizens’ Holiday (Kokumin no Kyūjitsu) – the day between the two other holidays 


Japan’s Holiday Laws 

Japanese law stipulates that any workday sandwiched between two national holidays should become an additional holiday. Nice, right? This special national holiday is given the general term Kokumin no Kyūjitsu.

Japan also has the Happy Monday system, whereby any national holiday that falls on a Saturday or Sunday is shifted to the Monday.

Got to love Japan, right? The land of national holidays!

The Next Silver Week 

Unfortunately Silver Week is a rare occurrence that only happens when the stars perfectly align and Japan’s national holiday laws kick-in. The next Silver Week will occur again in September 2020 (September 19 -23), so make sure you make the most of this fantastic opportunity if you are in Japan.

Silver Week is a popular time to travel in Japan and to get outdoors to enjoy the beautiful Autumn weather. We have a Sports Day (運動会) to attend today in Gifu. 

How do you plan to spend Silver Week in 2015?

Gifu Park in Autumn


  1. Spent my silver week shopping for furniture in Ikea. Not the most fun of times to be honest! Still, I hear the Japanese government is thinking of making a day June a national holiday so as there'll be one in every month. Hope so!

    1. Hi Tom! Thanks for stopping by. Got to love all these national holidays in Japan. We have another four-day weekend coming up in Gifu this weekend.


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