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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gifu Prefecture and Gifu City

Gifu is the gateway to the beautiful and superb mountain scenery and hiking trails of Nagano. Gifu City is a lovely small city overlooked by mountains. Recommended sights in Gifu City include Kinka-zan Mountain located near Gifu koen Park and topped by Gifu-jo castle and accessible via the cable car that runs from Gifu koen Park to the top of the mountains. In the summertime Gifu City is famous for its ukai cormorant fishing and fireworks.
Visit Takayama, a small beautiful city known for its traditional architecture and crafts. Takayama lies in the ancient Hida district tucked away between the mountains of the Japan Alps. I would allow 1-2 days to enjoy the place and a few more if you plan to use it as a base to visit the mountains or surrounding onsens hot springs.

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