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We have a huge audience of people interested in traveling or living in Japan and the site is continually growing.


Japan Australia is a blog dedicated to Japan travel and culture.We have been established for over 10 years with 500+ articles and with over 8,000 page views per month to over 2,000 unique visitors. Many of the site’s readers visit the site a few times each week, giving advertisers the benefit of repeat impressions in a brief period of time.

That means your business can reach 1000s of my subscribers and 1000s of my visitors in one post!

Social Media

We currently have over 2,000 unique visitors a month to our website with over 70,000 people following Japan Australia across various social media networks including:

15,000+ Facebook fans on Japan Australia page
42,000+ Facebook fans on The Beauty of Japan page
10,000+ Twitter followers
• 1,750+ Instagram followers
• 300+ Pinterest followers
• 1,300+ Email Subscribers

(Statistics from 10th February 2021)

Website Statistics

Monthly page views: 8,000
Monthly unique visitors: 2,000
Pages per visit: 1.49
Time on site: 00.01.50
Return visitors: 12%


1. Australia
2. United States
3. Japan
4. United Kingdom
5. Canada

Age Range

25-34: 33.50%
18-24: 27.50%
35-44: 15.50%
45-54: 12.50% 


Male:     54.15%
Female: 45.85%

Collaboration Opportunities

Japan Australia is offering the following collaboration opportunities:

1. Sponsored Blog Posts are available for USD$100.00. We can do a custom blog post about your product or service and include a link to your website for a one-off fee of USD$100.00. The post and link will stay permanently on the website and you are welcome to write/supply the post yourself, or have us write one for you.  

2. Social Media Promotion: We are able to provide unique promotion via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest giving your product or service incredible exposure to our over 70,000 followers. 

3. Product Reviews: We can write a product review for your product or service and give it exposure to thousands of our readers.

4. Sidebar Ads: Text Link advertisements are available for just $10.00 per month or $100.00 per year. Links are displayed in the sidebar as shown below.

5. Banner advertisements (125 x 125) are available for just $30.00 per month or $300.00 per year. The ads are easily visible to all visitors from every single page. Ads are displayed in a sidebar image as shown below. Availability: 3 positions currently available.

6. New Opportunity for Post Level Text Links are available for just $100.00 per year. These will appear in any post of your choice that has already been written given you a powerful position within a popular post or related article.

To begin a collaboration with Japan Australia, please contact John Asano at  japanaustralia2011@hotmail.com

Blogging Awards 

Best Japan Expat Blog 300

Freelance Writing Work

Looking for an original article for your Japan themed website or blog? I am also available for freelance writing work. You can see a sample of my work on the following Japan websites

John Asano, Author at GaijinPot

John Asano, Author at Culture Trip

Taiken Japan Writer: John Asano

John Asano | All About Japan 

Please contact me for further details at japanaustralia2011@hotmail.com 

Previous Work

I have also done work for several Japanese organizations including:

JTB (Japan Travel Bureau)

JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) 




Examples of Ads 

www.realestate-tokyo.com     Text Link AD Example

Banner AD Example


• All prices are quoted in US dollars and will be payable through PayPal
• Discounts are available for half-yearly and annual payments as listed above
• Ad images must be non-animated and static images
• You can change your image at anytime during the campaign


To begin a collaboration with Japan Australia, please contact John Asano at  japanaustralia2011@hotmail.com

Some of the present and past sponsors that Japan Australia has established a successful relationship with include:

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