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Monday, December 27, 2010

Picture of the Week Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, Japan

Hiroshima (広島市) is a beautiful city in Japan that reminds me of my home town of Melbourne in Australia with its green parks and trams. Hiroshima City was destroyed by a nuclear bomb when it was bombed in 1945. Hiroshima City was completely rebuilt after the war and now tourists from all over the world flock to this city. The highlights include Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Peace Memorial Museum, Genbaku Dome (Atomic Bomb Dome), Hiroshima-jo castle and Miyajima.

This picture is of the Genbaku Dome or Atomic Bomb Dome, which is just across the river from the Peace Memorial Park. The building which was a hall is where the bomb directly exploded.

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  1. Hi J-A, have been trawling through all your old posts on a wet rainy day in Brisbane, wishing I were in Japan again. The Genbaku Dome is definitely a haunting place, as is the Memorial Museum. I don't think anyone could get through that Museum without shedding a tear for the suffering and being inspired by the remarkable courage of fellow human beings.

  2. Hi rObfOs, Great to have you stopping by today and thanks for all your comments. It's a hot 35C in Melbourne today and waiting for that cool change to arrive. Yes, it is a haunting and sobering place and has to be seen by anyone visiting Hiroshima. I love how vibrant and energetic Hiroshima is and how it has fully recovered from the disaster. If you look at Hiroshima today you would never know there had been any destruction about from the Genbaku Dome and Memorial Museum.

  3. Yes J-A, and the people of Hiroshima are so inviting and friendly. We had a great time there and enjoyed traveling over to Miyajima as well, now that's a beautiful place!
    Hope the weather cools down for you soon, the Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival sounds like lots of fun, wish I could go! (suffering cabin fever after days and days of constant rain!)

  4. Thanks rObfOs, Yes the people of Hiroshima and through out Japan are really polite, friendly and helpful. Miyajima is a must see when in Hiroshima and just so beautiful! Did you also see Hiroshima Castle? Hoping for a cool change to arrive some time tonight and looking forward to the Melbourne Japanese Summer Festival in Feb :)


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