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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Texas Burger

The Texas Burger is one of the new McDonald`s Big America series hamburgers in Japan. It costs 400yen and looks and tastes better than most regular burgers. The Texas burger is the first one in the series and contains mustard relish, barbecue sauce, bacon, cheese and fried onions. Available as a limited edition and created to entice consumers to McDonalds.

The next burger in the series is the New Yorker with bacon, lettuce, tomato, Monterey Jack cheese and a grainy mustard.

The third burger released is the California burger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, spicy cheese and a sauce made from California red wine.

The last burger in the line is the Hawaii burger with no pineapple, which came as a big shock to me. The Hawaii burger comes with bacon, lettuce, American cheese, special gravy and a fried egg.

Let me know what you think of these burgers?

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  1. The Texas burger not only looks good, it is actually really good. Have you had the chance to try it Bigger?

  2. I have tried it and it was fantastic!!


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