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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weird and Strange News

Get ready for some weird and strange news from Japan. Japan is well known for its high-tech toilets with prosterior jets and perfume bursts, but Sega has gone a step further. Sega has just installed urine-controlled games in Tokyo urinals. Each urinal has a sensor and a viewer. In one game, the urines stream`s strength decides how far a virtual girl`s skirt is lifted. Don`t know about that one, but only in Japan could it happen.

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  1. I wish I can enter the gents and see this when I'm in Japan! XD

  2. Ha ha...
    Strength as the harder you pee?!
    Only in Japan, you're so right, mate!

  3. It certainly is a experience!!

    Yes, London Caller, strength as the harder you pee. Remember accuracy is also very important!!

  4. Thanks for your comments Dakota, Hope you keep stopping by to check out our new posts.

  5. it's interesting, but no options for girls toilet?

  6. Thanks Antleeli!!

    I haven`t been in the ladies, so don`t know for sure, but if the men get to play games then why not the ladies as well.

  7. Hi, I enjoy your articles on Hina Matsuki Japan. After visiting Japan I am very interested in the culture. Also you article on the Kimono, which would be a tragedy if the culture and art of designing Kimonos was lost.Another article on shipping to Japan was very informative.A very interesting and useful blog. thanks Lyn

  8. Thanks Lyn for your great comments. I am glad to hear that you enjoy the blog and information.

  9. Oy. Gender discrimination! They only have games for boys? :D

  10. That is true Rurousha, I guess it is the blokes making these games.


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