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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Earthquake in Japan

Japan was hit by a massive earthquake yesterday measuring 8.9, which is the strongest earthquake ever recorded in Japan, and the seventh biggest in history. The earthquake hit close to the NorthEastern city of Sendai in Japan and unleashed a monster tsunami that slammed into coastal towns and cities. Estimates put the tsunami at 10m high, and it sent shipping containers, cars and debris crashing through the streets and across open farmland destroying everything in its path. The wave set off tsunami alerts across the Pacific, as far away as Chile in South America, New Zealand and the US West Coast.

The quake hit Japan at 2.46pm and lasted about two minutes. It rattled buildings in Tokyo and was felt as far away as Beijing, China. There was major disruption to air travel and bullet train services causing chaos in major cities.

The earthquake has claimed hundreds of lives, and it is feared that more than 1000 people are most likely dead. A nuclear reactor in Fukushima prefecture is malfunctioning causing radiation levels 1000 times above normal. More than 8 million homes lost power, mobile and landline phone systems broke down and gas was cut to more than 300,000 homes.

I am glad to say that I am currently safe in Australia, but the images of destruction and flooding are heartbreaking. I hope all my friends and family in Japan are safe and look forward to talking to you soon.

Here is some video footage of the devestation caused by the tsunami


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