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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stuff About Japan

Here is some more cool stuff about Japan. A Technology company  in Japan last month organized the world`s first marathon for robots.

Five robots entered the event, which organizer Vstone Co said would demonstrate the machines durability and manoeuvrability. The “Robo Mara Full” race is open only to androids with two legs. The robots must complete 422 laps around a 100m indoor racetrack, to cover 42km.

Once again, I can just say Only in Japan

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  1. A robot marathon. Fancy that!

  2. Any idea how long it took for those five robots to complete their laps? Or any of them didn't finish the race at all?

  3. Thanks Lina, How cool is it?

    I believe the Operators were allowed to change the robots batteries and motors, but if the robots fall over they must get up by themselves.

    The winning robot, Robovie-PC took 55 hours to complete the marathon.

  4. haha that is awesome! robot fights are quite funny to watch too, i saw one once at Robo Square in Fukuoka. Great stuff.

  5. Thanks JTM, it is very cool!! I have never seen robot fights but robot soccer is very popular and they even have a World Cup!!

  6. That's why we love Japan. There is always something unique and quirky to make us smile!

  7. Thanks Lisa, Yes that is what makes Japan so great!! I always love reading these unique and quirky stories.


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