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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Onigiri Senbei (Japanese Rice Crackers)

Onigiri Senbei is a Japanese rice cracker that is shaped in a triangle like a Japanese onigiri. It is a tasty snack seasoned with soy sauce, sugar and nori (seaweed). It is one of the most popular rice crackers in Japan, and is so crunchy and crispy that it is addictive and you can’t stop eating them.

I highly recommend you try the classic Onigiri Senbei.

Here are a few pictures of the yummy snack.

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Kinoko no Yama



  1. Yes, senbei is sooooo yummy!

  2. Thanks Lina, Senbei is just about the best snack out there. They are so addictive!!

  3. Oooh, reminds me I should go get some. There's a local store that speccializes in senbei and you can watch them make them!
    Nomnomnom... ^^)b

  4. Thanks Ri, that sounds really good!! You can watch them make it fresh for you.

    Thanks Muza-chan, it is one of my favourite snacks.

  5. One of the easiest place for a tourist to watch senbei made and sold hot of the grill is at Asakusa. :)

  6. Thanks Lina, Asakusa is a good place and most areas with a lot of tourist coming through would have somewhere that made and sold senbei.

  7. After traveling in Japan we bought the individually wrapped and boxed Japanese rice snacks ( senbei) which are lovely gifts, where can we buy them online?
    We live in country NSW.

  8. Yes, they do make great gifts and souvenirs from Japan. Online, Amazon has quite a few different types. I've also found some of my favourite brands at Asian Supermarkets and the new Daiso Superstore that has opened recently in Melbourne.


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