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Friday, July 29, 2011

Lady Gaga Promotes Japan

Japan has recruited Lady Gaga to promote and spread the word that much of Japan is safe for visitors. Japan is still recovering from March’s devastating earthquake and tsunami, but has now stepped up efforts to draw foreign travellers back to Japan. The Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) efforts include online videos of race car drivers, ice skaters and other celebrities like Lady Gaga urging travellers to visit the country. In an online video shot before a benefit concert in Tokyo in June, Lady Gaga says “I can’t say enough to people all over the world that the majority of Japan … is very safe”.

The northern summer months are vital to Japan’s foreign tourism industry with the nation traditionally reporting some of its highest tourist numbers in July and August. As part of its effort to lure visitors before the northern summer ends, the JNTO recently posted online the radiation levels for down town Tokyo that the tourism group says are lower than in tourist destinations such as New York, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The JNTO has been focusing its efforts on showing people that Japan is safe for travel and that it’s business as usual in Tokyo and most other major cities in Japan.

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Lady Gaga Promotes Japan as a Safe Destination


  1. Good effort I guess from Japan to draw back more tourists.

    For me, I don't need celebrities to tell me to go to Japan but maybe better promotional deals there. ;p

  2. The problem is that it's sometimes hard to know how much is heart-felt, and how much is business these days. Lady Gaga was however one of the first "stars" to come out in support of Japan post Mar 11.

    Ironically enough, her initiative to sell (for charity) the "Pray for Japan" bracelets was challenged in court in the US (for misleading that the total cost was going to charity - given that the $5 wristband also came with a $5 shipping/handling/tax charge).

    It's a complicated world where it's hard to know what to believe, and what is controversy for the sake of controversy (in this case, by a law firm that was acting on it's own regarding the lawsuit).

    A strange world.

  3. Thanks Lina, yes it seems like they are trying as hard as possible to attract back tourists as they have suffered a huge drop since March and were experiencing the most tourists on record in the first two months of the year. The smart people who have done their research realize that Japan is pretty safe to visit.

    Thanks Ben, that's true, but seems like she is sincere and really wants to help Japan from what I have read and seen :)


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