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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fran Japanese Biscuit Stick

Fran is Meiji’s version of the popular Japanese biscuit stick Pocky by Glico. You can read about Pocky here Most people know about Pocky and it has fans all over the world but few people know about the equally delicious Fran. Fran and Pocky are very similar but in many areas I probably prefer Fran over Pocky as I will explain below.

This is the Original Chocolate flavor Fran. It is a chocolate biscuit stick covered in a smooth chocolate mousse. As you can see from the images the chocolate coating is a lot thicker than the regular Pocky and the biscuit stick is much thicker than the original Pocky. The taste of Fran is a lot smoother and richer. I prefer the original chocolate Fran to the regular Pocky due to this and it is more suited to the adult palate than the regular Pocky.

Fran has a great taste and is a must try for anyone who loves great chocolate.

This is what Fran looks like - very similar to Pocky

You can see the thick chocolate mousse coating and biscuit stick


  1. ohh i want to try this out :D thanks or the review ;)

  2. Fran has a more luxurious feel to it, IMHO. :)

    I love them! ^^

  3. Thanks aMz88, if you like chocolate you will love Fran!

    Thanks Lina, totally agree! Luxurious is a good word to describe Fran :)


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