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Friday, September 9, 2011

Picture of the Week Kamikochi, Nagano, Japan

Kamikochi is a beautiful area that lies in the center of the Northern Japan Alps and has some of the most spectacular scenery in Japan. It has become famous as a base in the Japan Alps for strollers, hikers and climbers with magnificent mountain scenery and lakes. Kamikochi can be visited as either a day trip from Matsumoto or Takayama, but I highly recommend enjoying the pleasures of staying in the mountains in Kamikochi and taking an early morning or late evening walk before the crowds appear.

Kamikochi is closed from November to May and in the peak summer season is busier than Shinjuku station in Tokyo with tourists.

Kamikochi with its beautiful scenery and water

Crystal clear water that looks blue

Kamikochi will take your breath away

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  1. I love the sight of clear stream. Just sitting by the river bank would be so calming. :)

  2. Lovely photos that translate very well the peaceful atmosphere of the place.
    Greetings DeeBee

  3. Thanks Lina, it is a very calming place and great for hiking and walking and enjoying nature :)

    Thanks DeeBee L, I enjoyed taking the pictures but enjoyed the atmosphere of the place a lot more. Just need to avoid the summer crowds :)


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