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Monday, November 7, 2011

Japanese Song of the Week Kaze wa Fuiteiru by AKB48

This week’s number one single on the Japanese Jpop Oricon charts is Kaze wa Fuiteiru by AKB48.

You can read more about AKB48 here

Kaze wa Fuiteiru (風は吹いている) which translates as “The Wind is Blowing” is AKB48’s 23rd single and was released on October 26, 2011.

AKB48 Official Website

Watch the music video for the single Kaze wa Fuiteiru by AKB48


  1. Very catchy song! I just read that AKB has spread overseas to Indonesia. I guess they are called JKY48. Little anxious to see what kind of sound they will produce. They are definitely becoming international! Great blog!

  2. Thanks AG, it is very catchy, but a little different from the regular AKB48 singles. Yes, I heard they now have a sister group in Indonesia called JKT48. They are hoping to spread all over Asia :)

  3. J-pop is pretty hot in Asia, I think. Though lately it mostly the K-Pop wave that be crashing down our shores. xD

  4. Thanks Lina, I agree. It seems that K-Pop is dominating Asia at the moment and this includes Japan.

  5. Hi,I'm Japanese.

    I don't think AKB or something is bad,
    But their popularity is said to be a phony(rank 10th in 2011 and No.1 is Arashi).

    J-Pop these days is full of only "idol groups" like K-Pop.
    Good J-Pop singer or groups exist! But they are not very seen on TV these 2 years.

    Mr.children, Dreams Come True, L'Arc-en-Ciel, B'z(J-Rock;the most popular in Japan), Utada Hikaru, GReeeeN etc...
    And I know that these groups will not be so accepted outside Japan.

    I don't know why only idol groups are featured on TV show.

  6. Thanks Midoringo0108, Yes, I agree Idol Groups seem to be the most popular at the moment and K-Pop is popular all over Asia. I love most of the groups that you mentioned above and I'm sure most Japanese still love them as well. B'z and Utada Hikaru were both huge when I first was in Japan :)

  7. I have to admit that Akimoto Yasushi is a giant after all.
    My favorite is Jero's "Umiyuki"

  8. Thanks Midoringo, I agree! Yasushi Akimoto is a modern day master just like Tsunku (つんく) was a few years ago. He keeps coming up with hits :)

  9. Yeah but Akimoto san is not only modern day master but has really long career.
    He produced Onyanko Club in '80s and wrote a lyrics of "川の流れのように;Kawa no nagare no yō ni" for 美空ひばり;Misora Hibari!!!
    Japan's most renowned singer's song!!

  10. Thanks Midoringo, yes he has had a long career in the music business and has been very successful :)


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