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Monday, January 9, 2012

Takayama Japan

Takayama (高山市) located in the mountainous Hida region of Gifu Prefecture in Japan is famous for its beautifully preserved old town. It is a small beautiful city known for its traditional architecture and crafts. Takayama is a rare place in Japan because it has managed to retain its traditional charm with its traditional inns, shops and sake breweries still in operation. The main town is small enough to explore on foot or by bicycle and I recommend at least 2 days to fully enjoy the place.

A favourite sight to visit for me is the Hida Takayama Folk Village (Hida Minzoku Mura), which is a large open air museum featuring dozens of traditional houses that once belonged to the craftspeople and farmers in the Takayama region.

Hida Takayama Folk Village

Takayama is also famous for its food including specialities such as miso, ramen, mountain vegetables and Hida beef. Walking through the city is a taste sensation. A favourite of mine is Hida beef sushi. 

Hida beef sushi in Takayama

The Takayama festival (Sanno Matsuri) held in April, is rated as one of the three great festivals in Japan. You can check out the floats used in the famous festival at the Takayama Festival Floats Exhibition Hall. The yatai or floats date from the 17th century and are spectacular creations with magnificent carvings, metalwork and lacquerwork.

Festival Float in Takayama

I love visiting Takayama in Winter as it is a white wonderland with snow and ice dominating its landscape. It is my favourite time of year to visit the city. I love staying at a traditional Japanese ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) soaking in one of the many onsens (hot springs) in the mountains above Takayama and feasting on the world famous Hida beef from the region. Winter is the best time to visit Takayama.

Takayama landscape in winter

This is my submission to the January 2012 J-Festa Winter in Japan


  1. Takayama's winter landscape sure is amazing.... and absolutely COLD! ;)

  2. Very nice!! Looks like an awesome winter vacation..! I haven't been to an onsen in sooo long ;o; Maybe I can convince my fam to take a trip.. Lol
    Great post! :)

  3. Thanks Lina, the landscape is amazing in Winter. Yes, it is very cold but that makes the food and onsen even better :)

  4. Thanks Alyse, It is an awesome Winter vacation spot and my favourite in Japan. The best onsen I've had in Japan have been at private ryokans in the mountains of Takayama. Just great stuff :)

  5. I have never been to Takayama. SInce I have studied architecture, I should visit there.
    Anyway it looks so cold.

  6. I just love the wooden homes - I am entranced by the amazing architecture. And the snow just makes it all the more beautiful.

  7. I spent Christmas there! Isn't the place amazing?! I think we spent at least three days sampling Hida beef in different forms and forgetting the whole "but we need to budget money" part. I found the old parts of Takayama and Shirakawa truly magical and would be curious to visit in the summer.

  8. Thanks Cocomino, Takayama should be on the top of everyones must see places list in Japan. It is amazing and full of history and culture. Yes, it is very cold in winter, but very beautiful as well. Takayama is also beautiful during the other seasons as well :)

  9. Thanks Lisa, The wooden buildings are amazing and so beautiful. You have to see the houses in Shirakawa-go near Takayama as they are stunning :)

  10. Thanks Maria, Christmas would be amazing during the winter in Takayama. Hida beef is so good and used in so many wonderful dishes. The old part of town especially the Sannomachi Street is magical. I also recommend Shirakawa-go during the summer when it is a beautiful shade of green and truly amazing :)

  11. Ohhh, it looks beautiful! Actually, I think I've just made it a priority to visit in 2012 thanks to this post. ^^
    My friend went there over New Year's, I'd loved to see it too!
    Is the Hida beef in the picture served on...senbei? Or is that a special plate?
    I'm actually missing snow now that there's been so much this winter in Japan (but none in Tokyo)....almost. ;)

  12. Thanks Ri, 明けましておめでとうございます! Yes, it is very beautiful and a must see place in Japan. I'm glad I could make a convincing case for you to visit in 2012. Yes, the Hida beef sushi in the picture is served on a senbei and can be purchased from a street vendor for 500 yen. It is probably the best beef you will ever taste :)

  13. I went there last year, too, and I think there was even more snow.
    It was super interesting, but I personally liked the nearby Shirakawa-go a little bit better.

    Thanks for this post! ^-^

  14. Thanks ZoomingJapan, It is an amazing place isn't it? Shirakawa-go is very spectacular for the gassho-zukuri farmhouses, but there is a lot more to do and see in Takayama :)

  15. Hello. Stunning photos! Could you tell me when it usually snows in Takayama? Cheers!

    1. Thank you Dell, It usually snows in Takayama from the end of November until the start of April. The heaviest snow would be in January/February.


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