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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tokyo Whiskey Bars

Seen all the main sights in Tokyo and want something new to experience. How about visiting one of Tokyo’s famous Whiskey Bars.

Scotland may be the home of Whiskey, but there is no better place on the planet to sample this liquid of the gods than Tokyo. Tokyo’s whiskey culture is at another level with dozens of small bars offering thousands of top quality whiskies. The Japanese have a broad taste in Scotch, American Bourbons and locally produced whiskey.

There are a multitude of bars in Tokyo. Some are tiny, dark basements others more stylish places with bow-tied experts mixing drinks.

The following are some of Tokyo’s highly recommend whiskey bars

Shot Bar Zoetrope – Half-way up a high-rise in Shinjuku, this is a great place to sample some unfamiliar foreign whiskeys.

Location: Third floor, Gaia Building #4, 7-10-14 Nishi Shinjuku

Website: homepage2.nifty.com/zoetrope

Campbelltoun Loch – This basement bar is a favourite with serious drinkers because it stocks nothing but the finest whiskey. It can only seat 8 customers at a time so if you get a set you are drinking with the local elite.

Location: Matsui Building B1, 1-6-8 Yurakucho Chiyoda-ku

Ginza S – Another basement bar, but darker and more glamorous than the above.

Location: Chuo-ku B2, Ginza

Website: ginza-s.com

The Helmsdale – Has a very Scottish appearance with tartan carpets and Scottish football on TV. A visit here takes you back to a traditional pub in the mother country.

Location: Minami Aoyama 2F, Minato-ku

Website: www.helmsdale-fc.com

The Mash Tun – Inside is a taste of Scotland with bare concrete walls, a few tables and a rotating stock of around 250 quality malts.

Location: Kami-Osaki 2F, Shinagawa-ku

Website: themashtun.com

Quercus – This is a very homely and affordable bar and the type of place that you want to end up at 4 am.

Location: Okuma Boulevard B1, Higashi-Ikebukuro

Bar High Society – This bar occupies a whole corner of the 27th floor of the Park Hotel. It is also the HQ of the Japanese branch of the Scotch Malt Whiskey Society.

Location: Shiodome Media Tower, Higashi Shimbashi, Minato-ku

Website: parkhoteltokyo.com


  1. I'm not a whiskey expert at all, because sophisticated Sow Effricans drink brandy and Coke. }:-) However, I'd love to try some of these bars. Thanks for the tips!

    PS: Don't Japanese whiskeys win the top prize at international competitions year after year after year?

  2. Me again. I Googled a bit. Yup, World Whiskies Awards 2012:

    The best single malt whiskey is Yamazaki 25 years old, the best blended malt is Taketsuru 17 years old.

    Yeeeha! Nippon! ^^

    1. Thanks Rurousha, Glad I could keep you busy today. Definitely check out some of these places and please let me know what you think if you do. It wouldn't surprise me that Japan wins these International Whiskey Awards as they are great at most things that they attempt. Thanks for the research. I gotta try these Japanese whiskeys to see what I think :)


    2. You'll actually stop drinking beer for a few seconds to try whiskey?! :p

    3. I know that its against the Aussie in me, but to sample some of these fine whiskeys, I'll do it :)

      Brandy and Coke in SA? It's more the Bourbon and Coke down-under :)

    4. Bourbon and Coke, and brandy and Coke. Preferably with a braai (barbie). Yes, we're highly refined connoisseurs in the southern hemisphere. :D

      PS: I've heard you can even mix red wine and Coke. Ouch.

    5. In summer, its a bbq with beer! It can't be beat. Don't mind the odd bourbon and coke, but don't know about red wine and coke. Don't think I want to try that combo :)

    6. My hubby has some Yamazaki malt whiskey stashed away somewhere.

    7. Thanks Lina, You got to break that out. 12 or 18 year old?


  3. Recently I can't find my friends who drink whiskey but I guess that the boom of it will arrive someday.

    1. Thanks Cocomino, Glad to hear you are a whiskey drinker. With all the top quality whiskey Japan is starting to produce, it is sure to take off soon :)


  4. Cool. Almost makes m wish I drank alcohol. (almost (^_-)

    1. Thanks Thomas, Glad we could almost convert you. A visit might be worth it just for the atmosphere :)



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