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Friday, February 1, 2013

McDonald’s Texas Burger 2013

McDonald’s Big America ALL STARS Texas Burger is back in 2013. The burger made its original debut in 2010 and now returns to the menu for a limited time. The Texas Burger went on sale from 1 February and will stay on the menu until the end of the month. The burger itself costs 370 yen (USD$3.90) in the Gifu area, or 590 yen for a Small Set (USD$6.20).

The Texas Burger features mustard relish, barbecue sauce, bacon, cheese and fried onions. The burger is unusual because it also has a middle bun aimed to separate the ingredients. It was created to bring the crowds back to McDonald's and offer them a taste of America.

I’m not too sure how authentic the burger is, but it does taste pretty good, and I really like the mustard relish and barbecue sauce combination.

Poster advertising the return of the Texas Burger

The Texas Burger packaging

The Texas Burger in the box

Bacon, fried onions, mustard relish and barbecue sauce feature in the Texas Burger

Close up of the Texas Burger

Check out the video I made of the Texas Burger below

McDonald's Japan website


  1. I can assure you those burgers are 100% authentic American. Why I remember as a kid we used to sit at the dinner table for Christmas and enjoy a nice burger with bacon, barbecue sauce and fried onions. ;)

    1. Thanks Doug, That's good to hear, I wasn't sure there but thanks for your confirmation. You must live the good life in America being able to eat these all the time :)


  2. I remember these burgers from when I lived in Japan in 2010. There were another couple as well - I think german sausage, carbonara and something else that sounded pretty gross.

    1. Thanks Dan, Yeah, there were quite a few in the Big America series. I hear they are bring back some of the more popular ones like the Texas Burger and Idaho Burger.



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