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Thursday, December 26, 2013

McDonald's Japan Winter Menu

McDonalds Japan has put on a tasty selection of winter menu items to get us through the colder months in Japan. The menu items feature cheese, which is always popular in winter. Back in the summer Japan Australia wrote about some new summer items to the McDonald's menu, now its winter's turn and you can read all about them below.

White Cheddar Series 

The White Cheddar Series includes the Quarter Pounder and Chicken Fileo. The burgers have replaced the usual cheese with white cheddar cheese. The White Cheddar Quarter Pounder features extra rich white cheddar cheese, grilled bacon, mustard and is topped with a roasted onion sauce. It went on sale December 11th. The White Cheddar Chicken Fileo features the new crispy chicken breast as well as two slices of the extra rich white cheddar cheese, sliced onions, two pieces of bacon and mustard. It went on sale December 15th.

White Cheddar Quarter Pounder

White Cheddar Chicken Fileo

Cheese Potato Dip 

The Cheese Potato Dip is a snack consisting of shredded mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese, mixed with potato. The mixture is shaped into balls that are deep fried to a golden brown. The Cheese Potato Dip is served with an Arrabbiata dipping sauce, which adds a boost to the flavour. Arrabbiata is an Italian spicy sauce made from garlic, tomatoes, and red chili peppers. The Cheese Potato Dip costs 150 yen (USD$1.50) for five pieces and went on sale December 11th.

Cheese Potato Dip

The Taste Test

Japan Australia wandered down to our local McDonald's to see what all the fuss was about. We ordered a White Cheddar Quarter Pounder set with a side of Cheese Potato Dip. The White Cheddar Quarter Pounder was really tasty and we would definitely order this again from the menu. We are already fans of the classic Quarter Pounder, but this took it to a higher level with a great full flavour cheese and roasted onion sauce. In fact, the roasted onion sauce kind of reminded us of a chutney from back home. The Cheese Potato Dip has a great texture with a crisp crunchy outside and soft fluffy cheesy inside. The actual flavour was quite bland on its own and it really did need the extra boast of the Arrabbiata sauce which was full of flavour.

White Cheddar Quarter Pounder Set

The White Cheddar Quarter Pounder ready to be opened up

A look at the White Cheddar Quarter Pounder

Cheese Potato Dip with Arrabbiata Sauce

Crispy & Cheesy Cheese Potato Dip

There you go! If you are in Japan this winter and want to give something new a try, check these out.

McDonald's Japan Website

White Cheddar Series


  1. I'll have the Cheese Potato Dip, please. :)

    1. Hi Ru, It was pretty good, especially with the Arrabbiata sauce :)


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