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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Tonkatsu McBurger McDonald’s Japan

McDonald’s Japan earlier this month introduced its latest creation called the Tonkatsu McBurger. It went on sale from May 7 and features Tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet) which is a popular meal here in Japan. They have used a blend of both fine and coarse breadcrumbs to coat the pork cutlet giving it a crispier coating. The pork used is rosu (ロース) or pork loin, which is soft and juicy. It comes with shredded cabbage, which is the traditional accompaniment to a Tonkatsu meal in Japan. The burger is also topped with mustard and McDonald’s own special sweet Tonkatsu sauce, which contains grated onion, carrot, tomato and apple. All of this goodness is contained within bran buns.

The Tonkatsu McBurger

More About Tonkatsu 

Tonkastu (豚カツ) is a popular dish in Japan and is actually a modern dish that was inspired by Western cuisine. It first made its appearance in Japan during the 19th century inspired by Western style food that was being introduced to Japan during the Meiji Era. It can be found as a single dish in Japan and is also used as a popular sandwich filling (katsu sando), or in a Japanese style curry (katsu karē). The sauce served with Tonkatsu is also very Western tasting and is similar to a thick Worchestershire sauce.

Japan Australia posted a Tonkatsu Recipe a few years back, which you can check out here: Tonkatsu Recipe.

We even have a local specialty here in Gifu/Nagoya called Miso Katsu, which is Tonkatsu served with a special miso sauce.

You can pick up a Tonkatsu McBurger for 399 yen (USD$3.90), or a value set with a drink and French fries for 699 yen (USD$6.90).

The Tonkatsu McBurger is available for a limited time only, so hurry on in if you would like to give this a try.

The Taste Test 

Japan Australia being a huge fan of Tonkatsu had to give this new burger a try. What did we think?
The Tonkatsu was crispy and crunchy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. We liked the mustard sauce with the Tonkatsu, but the original Tonkatsu sauce was a little too sweet for our liking. It needed more of a bite to pack a stronger punch. Overall, we really liked this tasty burger and wouldn't hesitate in ordering it again. 

We ordered a Tonkatsu McBurger value set for 699 yen

The simple styling of the Tonkatsu McBurger

A close up of the Tonkatsu McBurger

The Tonkatsu McBurger under the skin

McDonald's Japan Churros

We also tried one of the new McDonald's Japan Churros called McChurros. They come in two different flavours ~ Cinnamon Sugar or Maple Syrup. We tried the Cinnamon Sugar. The Churros comes with a packet of Cinnamon Sugar which you sprinkle on the Churros. The Churros itself was really good, but we were disappointed with the Cinnamon Sugar. It didn't really stick to the Churros and lacked flavour. I wish we ordered the Maple Syrup instead, which comes in a packet where you can dip the Churros in rather than try and coat it. The McChurros is available for a limited time only, and cost 159 yen each (USD$1.56).

McChurros with Cinnamon Sugar

McDonald’s Japan Website



  1. I love tonkatsu as well and I'm VERY tempted to try it although you said it's a bit sweet! :D
    Thanks for the review and stop tempting me to eat unhealthy fast food. *g*

    1. Thanks Zooming Japan, Me, too! This is perfect for any Tonkatsu lover. The only let-down was the sauce, but apart from that it was really good. Sorry to keep tempting you! Once in a while can"t hurt right?


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