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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Japan has a new super food called nattokinase. Japan has long been known for its healthy and nutritinous diet. Recently, American researchers have discovered the benefits of a 1,000 year old Japanese remedy for dissolving harmful blood clots. This all natural clot buster is called nattokinase and it`s a remarkable enzyme commonly used in Japanese cooking. The main component of this enzyme is natto which is a popular food in Japan. Natto is a fermented soybean made from boiled soybeans and active bacteria. The natural nattokinase enzyme softens and dissolves blood clots so they can be flushed out of your body before they can harm you. Nattokinase also pumps up the production of your body`s own clot-dissolving enzymes.

This enhanced clot-dissolving ability can help:

 Prevent hardening and narrowing of artery walls
 Dissolve heart damaging blood clots
 Increase healthy blood flow and improve circulation
 Prevent blocked and bulging veins
 Clear fuzzy thinking
 Reduce high blood pressure
 Enhance bone density
 Help relieve joint pain
 Provide antibacterial protection from disease

Check with your doctor before taking nattokinase. Nattokinase is a safe and natural way to help dissolve damaging blood clots and to keep the “river of life” flowing freely through your arteries and veins.

Source: Dr. Michael Cutler`s Natural Health Answers

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  1. Natto miso contains vitamin K2, which is not the same as vitamin K1, the anti clotting factor vitamin. Vitamin K2 is more incredible than this better known cousin. It is responsible for directing calcium into the bones and teeth and out of the soft tissues such as the kidneys and arteries.
    Take a look at this book: The Calcium paradox. It talks about a a Japanese study comparing women who ate natto miso to those who did not, and the latter had much higher rates of osteoporosis.
    We need to eat natto!!!
    Where can we find it in Australia?
    I always used to buy it from health food stores in Sydnet, but in recent years it has become impossible to find.


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