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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Tower Cheese Burger

The Lotteria fast food chain in Japan has just brought out its new burger. The Tower Cheese Burger. Released on June 24th and based on its original 160 yen cheese burger you can stack up to 10 beef patties for 100 yen each. Lotteria has been promoting the new burger based on the two versions below.

Tower Cheese with 5 beef patties 700 yen about (USD $7)

Tower Cheese with 10 beef patties 1400 yen about (USD $14)

It is a whole lot of beef and cheese with no vegetables. Only extras include pickles and ketchup.

What do you think? Would you try one?

Tower Cheese with 10 beef patties

Compare the double cheese burger with the Tower Cheese with 5 pattues and 10 patties

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  1. OMG! And there are people actually finishing those? @.@

  2. So Want.
    Not the biggest ones, but... mmm, I'd definitely try 3 or 4, just for the novelty of it. Bigger than a double, but not as...epic as those giant ones! Don't think I could finish one. Or want to. o.O;

  3. Thanks Lina, it is pretty unbelievable but I have seen a few videos of people finishing off the whole burger.

    Thanks Ri, I agree with you. It is worth a try if only once!!

  4. Oh dear, that looks absolutely terrible for your health. On the other hand, it is pretty tempting.

  5. Thanks Wasaweb, it is very tempting but I don't know how well the health would handle it. Worth a try at least once to say you have done it.


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