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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Google Nexus One takes on the Apple iPhone

Google has taken on Apple`s iPhone with its impressive entry The Nexus One into the mobile-phone market. Google well established and known as the internet`s most popular search engine has now put on yet another hat; that of a mobile phone company that can package hardware and software together into a single sought after device. The Nexus One feels great in the hand and is thinner than the iPhone. It has a gorgeous 3.7 inch colour touchscreen with higher resolution (800x480) than the iPhone. Besides the mobile network it provides, there is wi-fi, Bluetooth and a GPS receiver with Google maps for spoken turn by turn directions. The Nexus One ships with a 4GB microSD card, but there is only 190MB of internal memory for storing apps. Considering this is Google`s first foray in to this market it is certainly an impressive effort.

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