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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fireworks Summer Spectacular in Japan

Get ready for the Fireworks Summer Spectacular in Japan. Hanabi, the Japanese word for fireworks, is synonymous with summer in Japan, and a must-see event for travellers and visitors to anywhere in Japan during the summer. Fireworks in Japan are now a major summer tradition with most fireworks taking place along the many rivers located throughout Japan. There are over 500 firework events held in Japan during the summer and can be found everywhere from big cities to small villages. Going to a fireworks event is a big opportunity for the Japanese especially younger Japanese to embrace their traditional culture. Many people will show up in a yukata (summer kimono) and enjoy traditional snacks, foods and drinks from the numerous street side vendors located along the riverside. Most fireworks events are free and open to the public. Get there early with a good strategy to secure the best viewing spot as most people will start early to get prime locations.

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