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Friday, September 23, 2011

Picture of the Week Halloween in Japan

Halloween in Japan has started gaining in popularity with more and more cities, towns, shopping centers and theme parks displaying colourful Halloween decorations and having fun events. Like most things in Japan, Halloween starts quite early and places will start with the decorations in September through to October.

One of the fun things I enjoy around this time of year in Japan is the Halloween special edition of Japanese treats and snacks. This includes such things as Halloween Pumpkin Kit Kat to Koala no March Halloween.

Despite the growing interest in Halloween in Japan, people don’t go trick or treating or carve a jack-o-lantern like we do in the west.

This shot was taken at Tokyo Disneyland, which transforms itself with the splendor of Halloween during October.

Tokyo Disneyland during Halloween

Read more about Tokyo Disneyland here


  1. The only time I went to Tokyo Disneyland was around Halloween. It was pretty fun, but an expensive night.

  2. Thanks sixmats, I've been lucky enough to have visited twice - once during Halloween and once for Christmas. It was a wonderful experience and thrill but yes can be quite expensive when all things added up :)

  3. Been to Tokyo Disneyland when the Halloween decor was put up twice but yet to celebrate the Halloween night there. The decor were awesome.The villains parade were nice too. ^^

  4. Thanks Lina, I bet your little boy would have love it :) Halloween and Christmas are probably the best time of year to visit but can be very crowded.


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