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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Planning That Big Overseas Trip

Cheap flights have meant that more and more people are taking off and heading overseas.

Here is some great advice from the folks at Lonely Planet for planning that big trip.

Get Planning

Planning might sound boring but once you start buying guidebooks, imagining your itinerary and working out where to go, you’ll feel like you’re actually doing it.


Paperwork is important to avoid the horrors that you hear about travelers sent home because they didn’t have the right visa or their passport expired. Passports are your proof of nationality and act as your main form of ID overseas. For example, It is a requirement in Japan to carry your passport with you at all times. Your passport should have all your visas and entry stamps showing you have a legal right to be in a country. Remember that every country could potentially require a visa. It is best to check and the best place is usually the embassy site of your destination. A good portal to many of these is Project Visa www.projectvisa.com

Money and Costs

Start saving straight away as saving money will let you travel longer and enjoy the trip. The best way is to use a budget as a guide and give yourself a bit of room to enjoy your trip. Good budgets allow for new possibilities and give you the chance to enjoy the odd bit of serendipity.

Health and Safety

Before purchasing that all important ticket you should feel that your destination is safe. Research the destination and ask yourself are you OK with the level of risk. Once you book your ticket start to think about your pre-departure medical plans. At least 6 weeks before you go you’ll need to begin immunisations. Think also about bringing a medical kit even if you are going somewhere safe. It will come in handy for those unexpected colds and even hangovers.

Get Packing

Travelling light is usually the best policy.


Make sure everything is organised before departure day. Check airline website for what you can and can’t take on the plane and confirm your flight.

Source: escape.com.au


  1. I'd better start my planning too! :)

  2. Thanks Lina, I was thinking about you while writing this. How's your planning going?

  3. We got our visa done.

    Balked at the high exchange rate. Hoping it'll go down a bit soon. :(

    Itinerary wise - half done and half of the days' plan are still up in the air. No concrete plan of where to visit at each cities we are stopping yet. ^^

  4. Thanks Lina, You have done well and the visa is one of the major ones. Exchange rate has been up and down recently! Probably a good idea to leave a bit of freedom with the itinerary as well. Let me know if you need any help with places to visit. Will you be visiting the Tokai area?


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