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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Japanese Song of the Week Joshiryoku Paradise (女子力 パラダイス) by SUPER GiRLS

This week’s Song of the Week is Joshiryoku Paradise (女子力 パラダイス) by SUPER GiRLS which has debuted at number 2 on the Japanese Jpop Oricon chart.

SUPER GiRLS are a twelve member all girl group from Japan signed to the famous Avex Trax label. The group was formed by a public audition process in 2010.

The group known as SUPER☆GiRLS made their stage debut in 2010 and released their first single in 2011. Joshiryoku Paradise (女子力 パラダイス) is the group’s third single. The song is very typical of cute all-girl JPop groups and is very Upbeat and Happy.

Watch the music video for the single Joshiryoku Paradise (女子力 パラダイス) by SUPER GiRLS

Top(Back row) left to right: Watanabe Hikaru, Arai Reira, Shimura Rika, Tanaka Mirei, Yasaka Saori, Kano Kaede
Below(Front row) left to right: Katsuta Rino, Goto Aya, Maeshima Ami, Akita Eri, Miyazaki Rina, Mizote Ruka

The Official Website for SUPER☆GiRLS http://supergirls.jp/index.html


  1. They sure are a chirpy bunch! ^^

  2. Thanks Lina, They sure are a chirpy bunch and this is classic Japanese idol group. Very Cute and UpBeat :)

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  4. Thanks Vale, for the kind words. I love blogging about Japan and am very passionate about it. I will check out your blog, too :)

  5. Thank you Irene's Closet, Glad you enjoy my blog. Hope you have a great day, too :)

  6. love this post and also your blog! I follow u!
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  7. Thank you Francesca, Glad you love this post and enjoy my blog. Thanks for your kind words :)


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