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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Japanese Song of the Week Oh My God! by NMB48

This week’s number one single on the Japanese Jpop Oricon charts is Oh My God! by NMB48.

NMB48 is an all-girl Japanese idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto. They were formed as a sister group of AKB48 based in Namba, Osaka. The group performs at NMB48 Theatre in Namba, Osaka with the name of the group “NMB” coming from “Namba” in the Minami district in Osaka.

NMB48 debuted on October 9, 2010 and originally consisted of 26 members.

NMB48’s debut single “Zetsumetus Kurokami Shojo” released earlier this year also made it to number 1 on the charts.

This song is very cute and fun and typical of the Yasushi Akimoto stable.

NMB48 Official Website

Watch the music video for the single Oh My God! by NMB48


  1. i remember becoming a fan of boy groups and girl groups, especially koreans, i do admit that they look good :)

    wild and fierce

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  2. Thanks Eji, Korean pop groups are really popular in Japan at the moment. Kara and Girls Generation are two of the most popular :)

    Thanks Lina, it is certainly fun and cute. That is the Akimoto style :)


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