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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Koala’s March Chocolate

Koala’s March Chocolate is a bite size Japanese cookie snack with a sweet chocolate filling inside. Koala’s March (コアラのマーチKoara no Machi) is made by Lotte. These cookies are so cute and each one is in the shape of a koala with a picture of a koala on the outside of the cookie. This edition is the special Halloween version of the cookie so it contains some koalas in Halloween costumes. This includes classic Halloween costumes such as witches, wizards, vampires, fairies, and jack-o-lanterns.

Koala’s March supports the Australian conservation group Australian Koala Foundation

Koala's March Chocolate Halloween version

Koala's in Halloween costumes


  1. yummyyy!! I love these c:
    i've never tried the halloween ones, but these snacks used to be so popular when I was little ♥

  2. Thanks エミリー❤, They are really good and just like the regular chocolate Koala's March, but with cool Halloween costumes :)

  3. Thanks Lina, they are very cute and I love the wizards costume the best :)

  4. OOOWW! I want it for my Halloween party!^^
    Super cute!

  5. Thank you S for your comments. I agree, they would be ideal for a Halloween party and are super cute :)

  6. we also have this kind of snack in my country! but surely I prefer the japanese packaging, it's just much better! :D


  7. Thanks Cliff, Where are you from? I think they originated in Thailand, but yes, the Japanese packaging is so cute :)


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