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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Song of the Week Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-ara

This week’s number one single on the Japanese Jpop Oricon charts is Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-ara.

T-ara is a Korean girl group formed in 2009. There was huge buzz about this group before their debut with them called “super rookies”. The group had been in training for their debut for 3 years.

Bo Peep Bo Peep is T-ara’s debut Japanese single and was released on September 28. They continue the great debuts by Korean girl groups in recent years lead by Girls Generation and Kara.

This song is very cute and it is easy to see why it has done so well on the Japanese charts.

T-ara Official Website

Watch the music video for the single Bo Peep Bo Peep by T-ara


  1. The choreography is pretty cute.

    And the outfit they wear for the Korean version does have a semblance of Little Bo Peep. ^^

  2. The song, the outfit (have you seen the Korean version) and the dance are all cute. :)

  3. The Japanese go nuts for those cute girl groups!

  4. Thanks Lina, Yes the choreography is very cute and so made for Japan. I love the costumes as well. I know there is a Korean version, but haven't seen it yet. Which one do you like the best?

    Thanks Lisa, They do and it seems more and more of these cute girl groups are coming from Korea rather than Japan. Japan still has Morning Musume and the various 48 groups but Korea now seems to be leading the way.

  5. For Korean groups like their Korean version of their songs and dance routines better. ;p

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  7. Thanks Muza-chan and Erika, I appreciate your comments :)

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  11. Thanks Francesca, for your kind words. I'll check out your blog, too :)


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