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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inaugural World Tea Farms Festival

The Inaugural World Tea Farms Festival is a must see event you should schedule in to your calendar for March. It’s a 2 Day Festival celebrating tea from around the world. There will be tea from 30 tea farms including tea from India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. The tea from Japan will feature tea from Wazuka, Shizuoka, Yame, Kyoto, Nara and many more.

The event will be held on Saturday March 10th – Sunday March 11th from 10am to 4pm.

Date / Time: Sat March 10th – Sun March 11th 2012 from 10am to 4pm
Location: Green Tea Wazuka, Kyoto
Address: 35 Hazama, Shirasu, Wazuka Town, Soraku, Kyoto, Japan
Price: Admission is FREE

Note: A shuttle bus to the event location will be available from JR Kamo Station

Click on the link below to download the PDF flyer with all the details of the event

Inaugural World Tea Farms Festival PDF Flyer


  1. All you can drink tea! Man, I wish I lived nearby.

    1. Thanks RyukyuMike, Yeah, it sounds like a great deal and the event is free including all you can drink tea. Would be great for anyone living near Kyoto :)

  2. No Rooibos tea from South Africa? :( I would've like to go anyway. Wish I could ...

    1. Thanks Rurousha, With tea from 30 tea farms you never know your luck :) It will be a great event!

  3. They should sell a taster's pic from all the farms ^_^

    1. Thanks MTJ, Now that is an idea :) It should be a great event!

  4. The event is also looking for volunteers to help with translating for farmers from other countries. Languages wanted are Korean, Mandarin, and English. It's very casual and should be a lot of fun for people to work with the farmers from around the world. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Elyse Petersen at elysepetersen@gmail.com


    John Asano


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