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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kodomo no Hi Japan Festival 2013

JAFA's Kodomo no hi Japan Festival is the biggest Japan festival in Adelaide with a 18-year history. Last year the event was attended by up to 5000 people. The day is filled with Japan-related performances, exhibitions, activities, stalls and plenty of Japanese food.

Come along for a fun day for the whole family at this unique community event.

Event Information

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More information available at the Kodomo no Hi Japan Festival website

Pictures from Last year’s event

Japanese Taiko Drumming
Mochi Tsuki
Japanese Tea Ceremony
Japanese Bonsai
Japanese Food Stalls including Ika-yaki
Japanese Origami


  1. Who's that in the top picture? Is that you (before you returned to Japan)? :)

    1. Hi Ru, Nah, I've got a red kimono. The folks at JAFA were kind enough to lend me some pictures of last years event. How cool is it to see Japanese culture celebrated and enjoyed around the world :)

    2. I looked at the photo and looked at your avatar and decided ... J.A. probably has darker hair than the guy in the photo. Right?

      PS: I rather like Japan's cultural coup d'état, too! ;)

    3. Hi Ru, That's right! Although I was a blonde as a young fellow the hair has gradually became darker over time and would be classified as a dark brown now :)

  2. How nice. You can see the real Japanese culture in your country. Very nice. :)

    1. Thanks Cocomino. Isn't it great to see Japanese culture so popular around the world. There is a huge interest in it in Australia and there are quite a few local Japanese festivals :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Lina, Certainly looks like a lot of fun :)


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