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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fanta Ume

Coca Cola Japan has released a new flavour of Fanta for spring called Fanta Ume. It is available only for a limited time. What is Ume? Ume is a Japanese plum (梅) that is associated with spring in Japan. The Ume Blossoms are very popular in early spring and you can read about them from my visit to Bairin Koen this March.

Most people might know ume from “umeboshi” which is a sour pickled plum or “umeshu” which is a sweet alcoholic drink made from plums.

I always love trying the new seasonal food and drinks in Japan, so just had to give this one a try. How does it taste? Fanta Ume is surprisingly very sweet and refreshing. I expected it to be a lot more sour, but it was very easy to drink. Fanta Ume is perfect for the warmer weather and I would definitely have this again, especially in summer to cool down. One of the better Fanta flavours I have tried recently. I would recommend giving Fanta Ume a try if you are in Japan this Spring/Summer.

You can pick up a 500ml bottle of Fanta Ume for 98 yen (USD$1) at the local supermarket or 150 yen (USD$1.50) at the convenience store.

Fanta Ume in Japan

Check out my video on YouTube for more on Fanta Ume https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INGQIzxQhtM


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Lina, You have to make a quick trip to Japan to give this a try :)

  2. I've just realized we were writing about new soft drink flavours at the same time! I haven't tried this one yet. I'll hunt it down! :)

    1. Great minds think alike Ru! Definitely give this one a try as it is very good and refreshing. Perfect for the warm weather here in Japan :)

  3. I was a few days ago in Japan and tried this one and I just love it! I wish we had Fanta Ume here too :(

    1. Thank you Meru, It has been one of my favourites and it is really refreshing for the warmer weather now in Japan.


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