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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Okonomiyaki Burger at Lotteria Japan

Lotteria Japan is famous for its unique burger selections such as the Ramen Burger and the recent Twin Burger. This week they released their latest creation, the Okonomiyaki Burger. Okonomiyaki is a type of savoury Japanese pancake that is popular all over Japan. It originates from Osaka and is sometimes called Osaka Soul Food. Okonomiyaki is derived from the Japanese word “okonomi” which means “what you like” and “yaki” which means “grilled” or “cooked”, so it can contain just about anything you like! In modern Okonomiyaki, a wide variety of ingredients are used such as shrimp, squid, octopus, pork, cabbage and vegetables. It is usually served with a special sweet sauce and Japanese mayonnaise.

The Okonomiyaki Burger (お好み焼きバーガー) went on sale on August 19 and comes in two different versions. The “Hanjuku Tamago) 半熟タマゴ , which includes a soft-boiled egg, and The “Modern Style” モダン風 , which comes with stir fried noodles. The burgers will be available until late September in Japan. The Hanjuku Tamago costs 320 yen (USD$3.20) while the Modern Style costs 290 yen (USD$2.90).

The Okonomiyaki Burger at Lotteria

The Hanjuku Tamago (半熟タマゴ) comes with a soft-boiled egg, okonomiyaki patty and okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

The Modern Style (モダン風) features chukka-men (Chinese egg noodles), shredded cabbage, okonomiyaki patty and okonomiyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

The Modern Style (モダン風) Okonomiyaki Burger

The modern style seemed more like your traditional style Okonomiyaki for us, so Japan Australia gave it a try! We ordered a Modern Style Okonomiyaki Burger with small fries and small drink for 640 yen (USD$6.40).

The Modern Style Okonomiyaki Burger Wrapper

The Okonomiyaki Burger Okonomiyaki Patty

The Okonomiyali Burger topped with cabbage, sauce and mayo

How does it taste?

Not very good! Disappointing in fact!! The Okonomiyaki patty is doughy and lacks any Okonomiyaki flavour, while the fried noodles are soft and lack crunch (kari kari). Give us a regular Okonomiyaki any day of the week! It is a big disappointment after the high standards set by the recent Twin Burger.

If you are in Japan and want to try something different and unique then this might be the burger for you. 

Lotteria Japan Website


  1. I'm not such a huge burger fan in general, but what they're doing recently in Japan is almost ridiculous.
    I really don't want to try stuff like that, but apparently there are enough people who like it! ^^;

    1. The things I do for my blog sometimes ZJ :) I am willing to try just about anything. Sometimes they are good and sometimes like this they disappoint.

  2. I'm sorry, J.A., but ...



    1. Not yet Ru! MOS have yet to release anything new but there is a new Mos Burger Premium Hamburger on its way. Stay posted :)

  3. this sounds delicious!!! wanna try this one day!

    1. It is very interesting and unique and worth a try if you want something very different :)

  4. i must try that.. i love burgers.


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