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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Stay Healthy in Japan with HealthyTokyo.com

HealthyTokyo.com is a great resource for foreigners to stay healthy in Japan with its guide to Japan’s best health and wellness providers.

What’s the biggest health risk for foreigners in Japan? Experiencing an earthquake or major typhoon? Being jammed into a packed train during peak rush-hour? Actually, none of these. Whether you are an expat living in Japan or visiting the country for travel, the biggest risk is not getting the health and wellness support you need. With language a potential obstacle, a health care system different from what you are used to, or simply because you do not know who to ask and where to go, getting the treatment you need will most likely be complicated and time-consuming.

The good news is that there is now a very useful health and wellness web-service available. HealthyTokyo.com was created to minimize the risks and make it simple as ever for foreign residents and visitors to connect with English-speaking doctors, dentists, personal coaches and other health and wellness specialists in Japan.

You can become a member by signing up for free and access the HealthyTokyo network as you wish. Looking for an English-speaking doctor or dentist? Just search the Medical Partners category. Looking for an English-speaking personal trainer? Want to start a healthy diet? Or maybe you would you like to become a certified Yogi? You may find the perfect coach in the Wellness Coaches category. Finally, you get access to an extensive group of wellness and lifestyle experts in the Healthy Partners section; gyms, spas, Japanese Shiatsu Massage and healthy restaurants are some of the many services and places you can find on HealthyTokyo.com with details about their offerings.

HealthyTokyo also offers a premium membership plan. Premium members have access through a live chat service to a Healthy Concierge who will find specific places like a doctor, dentist or wellness services and make appointments, both in and beyond HealthyTokyo’s partner network. Last but not least, the premium plan provides members with special offers such as free trials and discounts offered by the multitude of partners.

Both short term visitors and expats living in Japan will benefit from HealthyTokyo.com. A great and long-awaited resource. The only condition for membership is that you care about your health.

If you want to stay healthy in Japan visit HealthyTokyo.com now and sign up for their free member registration.



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Lina! Yes, I really think so too. There are a lot of helpful services available.

  2. This is incredibly useful. Tourism board should be promoting this as well!

    1. Hi Tim! I'm glad you think so. I hope it can help a lot of people living or traveling to Japan.


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