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Sunday, March 21, 2021

Shop for Japanese Products with Neokyo

Neokyo is a Japanese Proxy Service which allows you to shop hassle-free from your favourite Japanese online stores without all the stress of not speaking Japanese and not actually being in Japan.

What is Neokyo?

Neokyo is a platform allowing you to easily order products that are sold on Japanese online stores such as Pokemon Center and Sanrio Store.

The principle is simple: you find an item that you would like to buy in Japan, fill in the purchase request from Neokyo.com and whallah, you are done. Neokyo will take care of the rest which includes the purchase, storage and shipping of your item.

Neokyo charge a service fee of 250 yen (USD$2.30) per item. You can store the items that you purchase for free for up to 45 days. This makes it possible to purchase items from several different Japanese online stores and send everything together in 1 package in order to save on international shipping costs.

Shipment includes insurance and tracking at starts from 500 yen (USD$4.60) plus the shipment price. 


Some of the most popular Japanese stores for customers include Pokemon Center, Donguri Sora (Ghibli), Nintendo Store, Uniqlo and Tower Records. You can also purchase items from Amazon Japan and Rakuten. The platform allows you to buy direct from thousands of shops in Japan.

You are also able to purchase second-hand goods from shops like Mercari and Surugaya. They also offer auction requests from Yahoo Auctions. 


Advantages of using Neokyo

* You can take advantage of Japanese exclusives.

·         * Purchase Japanese products safely online without having to wait for a convention.

·         * Pre-order an item in Japan to ensure that you never miss an offer.

·         * Take advantage of Japanese auction sites such as Yahoo Auction.

·         * Use platforms of sales between individuals such as Mercari.

·         * Pay for your items at the real Japan price not an inflated price. 


Customer Reviews

Neokyo has received an excellent 4.5/5-star rating from its customers. Satisfied customers have complimented the platform for its fantastic support staff, easy to use web-app and website, active community on social media and Discord, and opportunity it provides to find those rare items that are not available in any other country. 

Visit the Neokyo website to start shopping for your favourite Japanese products.  

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