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Friday, April 22, 2022

Nihongo Master Podcast

Nihongo Master
I recently had the pleasure to be a guest on the Nihongo Master podcast to talk about spring in Japan, one of my favourite topics. 

Nihongo Master is a fantastic Japanese learning website that helps you study Japanese in a fun and interactive way. The e-learning site focuses on helping learners at every level master the Japanese language. 

They have their own YouTube channel and a popular podcast, so you can learn about the Japanese language and culture on the go. 

During my chat with host, Azra, we talked about a wide range of springtime topics including about my experience with spring in Japan, spring in my home of Gifu in central Japan, my tips and advice for anyone looking to travel to Japan in spring, and the best spots to see the cherry blossoms in the Chubu area of Japan. 

You can check out the podcast episode on the following link Nihongo Master S11E9: Wrap Up Japanese Spring with John from Japan Australia

If you are looking to learn Japanese, or just need some extra motivation in order to study, give Nihongo Master a try.

Nihongo Master Podcast

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