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Monday, September 19, 2011

Annual Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival in Olinda

Spring is upon us in Australia with warmer temperatures and the beautiful spring flowers and blooming cherry blossom trees. In Japan, spring is the time for hanami or cherry blossom viewing. The sakura or cherry blossom is Japan’s unofficial national flower and every March in Japan, thousands of cherry blossom trees come to life as they cover Japan, signifying the start of the annual Hanami season.

The National Rhododendron Gardens in Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges, Victoria pays homage to this ancient Japanese tradition with their own version of hanami, the Annual Hanami Cherry Blossom Festival with cherry blossom trees captivating the landscape. Enjoy the beauty of the blossoms along with the myriad of other plants such as azaleas, magnolias and rhododendrons.

This annual festival takes place on September 25th and provides a fantastic opportunity to engage in a traditional Japanese event and celebrate the beauty of all things hanami.

The National Rhododendron Gardens is located at

The Georgian Rd, Olinda, Victoria
Mel 66 K6
Entry to the garden is free
Open from 10:00am to 5:00pm daily

website: http://www.experiencethedandenongs.com.au/national-rhododendron-gardens/


  1. awesome! i may just go to this, thanks!

  2. Enjoy the hanami there! :)

    Will you be drinking lots of beers and sing too? xD

  3. It's interesting to know that Hanami is celebrated in Australia as well. We have it in Finland too - in Japanese garden in Helsinki.

  4. Thanks Love at First Type, Looks like a lot of fun and will definitely check it out myself.

    Thanks Lina, I will be going full on - meaning drinking beer, eating bento and singing karaoke :)

    Thanks Ekaterina, Looks like Hanami is celebrated all over the world, which is a good thing :)

  5. Thanks Ekaterina, That is true! Japan and Japanese culture is loved all around the world :)

  6. Thank you for the info! Definitely a must-go!

  7. Lovely blossoms! I always think of them in April but of course being in the South hemisphere you have them now! :)

  8. Hi! I found your blog and I like it so much!Japan and Japanese culture are really wonderful!
    Come and visit my blog, and if you like it, follow me, I'll be waiting for you!

    Cosa mi metto???

  9. Thanks Rubymoon, I will be there to check it out and should be good with this warmer weather we are having now :)

    Thanks DeeBee L, I'm the same and usually relate them to April as well being in Japan for so long. Good to be able to see them at different times during the year :)

    Thanks Fabrizia, Glad to hear that you enjoy my blog and I will visit yours as well :)

  10. Gosh, I've been neglecting to visit other blogs (and not updating my own properly) lately... so this is the first I've seen of the new blog design, I like it! Very stylish!

    Ahhhh, to have Spring again. I love Spring in Japan and Australia - two countries where my pollen allergy is non-existant. <3

  11. Thanks Ri, Good to see you back and glad you like the new blog design :)

    I love Spring which is such a breath of fresh air and colour after the cold chill of winter.

  12. was not good ,not enough food stalls had to wait 2 hours in a line, not enough traditional. & some dodgy greedy guy fromQV in melbourne city was selling really cheap tea ripoff price,

    1. Hi Dan, Sorry to hear that! We really enjoyed the event last year when we attended.


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